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FAQs / Resources

Your Esthetician will review details of your allergies, sensitivities and waxing history and study the nature of your hair and skin to determine the most suitable product and treatment. Only then will we begin the procedure. After the waxing procedure is completed, your Esthetician will apply products to sooth the skin, prevent in-grown hairs and retard the hair growth. Your Esthetician will also recommend necessary after-wax care and precautions.

Have you ever been to a waxing service and taken note of their process? Have you ever noticed the waxing associate double-dip the stick into that vat of wax? That’s unprofessional, unsanitary, and honestly, that’s just plain gross!

Well, NOT HERE! At W.O.W! double-dipping is strictly never done. Sealed products that touch the skin are never used on another person and discarded regardless of how little has been used. Each suite is sanitized and cleaned after every single service including the floor, the service beds, paper.

And most important, we never reuse wax. We hate for old wax to keep cooking for days, weeks or months on end. That’s why our hardwax pots are refreshed / refilled every night.

We believe that clients should be served, not processed. Our Estheticians do not enforce aggressive timelines for completion of service and we never speed wax.

The extra time allowed per service gives the Estheticians the opportunity to properly study the skin and hair before beginning. This also allows them time to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained.

All Estheticians services have a 7-days complimentary touch up guarantee for any part that cannot be serviced for any reason, including reasons not in our control such as your hair being too short to wax effectively.


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