The hair removal industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it’s only expected to grow even more. There are many reasons why — one of them is because more men are starting to get waxed.

Men have always engaged in hair removal, specifically on the face and scalp. But what about the body? Manscaping (removing unwanted body hair) is becoming a serious trend, especially waxing for men.

Here’s more information about waxing.

Why Is Waxing for Men Different?

Many women get waxed and they remove hair from multiple areas of the body. This includes the eyebrows, arms, armpits, legs, and even “down there.”

Waxing consists of taking hot wax, spreading it on the hair, and removing the wax with a cloth.

So, is waxing any different for men? Not really.

The methods are still the same and men get many of the same areas waxed as women. But there is one major difference: men have more hair than women and they have more hair in places that women don’t grow hair.

Let’s give chest waxing as an example. Few women struggle with a hairy chest, whereas this is a common struggle for men.

In addition, men grow more hair than women — whether on their legs, armpits, and more.

Men’s skin is also more sensitive in certain areas compared to women.

For example, man’s Brazilian wax (nicknamed the “Brozilian wax”) is different from the classic woman’s Brazilian wax because men have more nerve endings and sagging skin compared to women.

Benefits of Waxing

Why are more men waxing? Men are experiencing the benefits of waxing that women have known for years. Here are a few advantages of waxing.

Reduced Body Odor

Sweat holds onto hair, resulting in more body odor. Since shaving doesn’t remove hair as effectively as waxing, waxing can combat body odor extremely well.

Smoother Skin

Instead of struggling with a five-o-clock shadow, more men are enjoying the smooth skin they get from shaving.

Waxing can give you hairless skin for about three weeks, even as long as six weeks. You’ll look cleaner and more sophisticated with baby smooth skin.

Fine and Soft Hair

When the hair does grow back, it will be fine and soft. No more unsightly stubbles to worry about. Every time you wax, your hair grows back even finer and it takes longer to grow back.

More Muscle Definition

Athletes and bodybuilders wax their chest, back, and legs for more muscle definition. Excess body hair disguises muscles, as well as stubble. Waxing removes the entire hair shaft, resulting in more prominent muscles for a game or a competition.

Where Men Get Waxed

There’s an abundance of waxing services for men and they’re all becoming more popular. But there are a few surprising places that men want to be waxed.

Facial Hair

While the bearded look is still popular, more men still choose to forego their whiskers. But they also aren’t shaving; instead, they’re preferring the powerful effects of waxing.

Here are common areas of the face that men get waxed:





Men also don’t have to wax off all of their facial hair. They can choose to groom certain areas of their face to get their desired look.


While plenty of men think extra hair on the chest is the epitome of manhood, other men would rather be hairless on the chest.

Waxing makes hair grow back lighter and softer. Lots of men prefer this experience over shaving daily. Waxing also doesn’t cause razor burn, nicks, cuts, and any other irritation experienced with shaving.


Back waxing is one of the most common waxing services for men.

Some guys have naturally hairy backs and shaving your back is nearly impossible. Waxing not only handles the unwanted hair growth on your back but your hair will take longer to grow back.

Back waxing services are also flexible. You can wax your entire back or just a small section.


Believe it or not, more men are choosing to remove the hair from their legs. Many athletes choose to keep their legs hairless while other men just prefer the look.

Instead of shaving, more men are waxing their legs because the hair takes longer to grow back.

Men’s Brazilian or Bikini Wax

The Brazilian wax is similar to the wax that women receive.

Everything goes — the hair below the abdomen, the hair on the anus, between the upper thighs, and around the external genitals — including the more sensitive regions such as the scrotum.

More men are preferring waxing instead of shaving because the hair doesn’t get back stubbly and prickly. Rather, it’s soft and light.

What to Expect From Your First Waxing Appointment

Waxing has many benefits and is becoming more popular. But it’s normal to be nervous about your appointment. Here’s what you can expect.

Before Your Appointment

Certain preparations will make the waxing experience more comfortable. Take a shower before your appointment but don’t apply any lotion. The technician will want to work on clean skin that’s dry, not slippery.

Don’t wear tight clothing — you don’t want anything rubbing the area you’re getting waxed. Loose-fit clothing is more comfortable.

Try to relax. Yes, it will hurt — but not as bad as you think.

At the Salon

The technician will take a look at your hair to ensure it’s the proper length. For certain waxing services, such as facial hair, they will ask how much you want to be removed or what hair you want to keep.

Now comes the waxing part. The technician will dip a wooden stick in warm wax. They will spread the wax on a section of the hair. After a second of letting the wax settle, they will take a cloth, spread it on the wax, and will quickly remove the hair. They will do this on the entire section you’re getting waxed.

After Care

After your appointment, some simple maintenance will give you the best results. Avoid exercising for a day or two after waxing and continue to wear loose clothing. Apply lotion to keep your skin smooth and free from irritation.

We Offer Waxing for Men

Waxing for men is becoming more popular. There are several benefits to waxing instead of shaving and there are a variety of waxing services for men. As long as you properly prepare for your appointment and maintain your skin, you’ll have incredible results.

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