Scheduling a wax appointment is like scheduling a liberation appointment. It’s time to free yourself from all of those stubborn hairs holding you back from pool parties, and beach days, and everything in between. Shaving leaves your skin dry and full of razor burn and bumps.

Waxing is a simple way to remove all of your hairs without leaving hair stubble and razor burn behind. Although waxing is a much better way to achieve smooth skin, you still need to prepare for the appointment to ensure the smoothest wax experience possible.

Staying up to date on a few waxing tips is the best way to prepare yourself and your skin for your waxing appointment. Don’t show up unprepared and uncomfortable. Continue reading below for all the waxing tips you need to know before arriving at your appointment!

1. Dress in Your Comfy Clothes

When you arrive at your waxing appointment, you’ll follow your esthetician back into the waxing room to lie down on the waxing bed. These beds are normally made to be quite comfortable, although you do have to lie down on a piece of paper. Depending on what type of wax you’re receiving, you might be lying down on that table for a while.

You might also have to move into different positions throughout the wax as well. It’s already uncomfortable enough to have to sit perfectly still in certain positions, but it’d make things even more uncomfortable if you’re sitting there in a pair of tight jeans or an itchy shirt.

Instead, be sure to wear some of your most comfortable clothing. If you get cold easily, be sure to wear warm clothing and bring a pair of socks if needed.

2. Grow and Exfoliate

Before you wax the hair off of your body, your hair needs to be long enough for you to wax it. You’ll need to grow it out long enough so the wax can stick to the hairs and pull them well. Allow your hair to grow for about 2-3 weeks for proper length.

It’s also essential that you exfoliate your skin in a gentle manner a few days before your appointment. When you exfoliate, you clear away any dead skin that might be covering your hair follicle. After you exfoliate your skin, the wax will smoothly and effortlessly remove your hair.

Remember, however, that you don’t want to exfoliate too roughly the days leading up to the wax, because you don’t want to arrive at your appointment with irritated skin.

3. Keep Skin Clean and Moisturized

Before you wax your hair, you need to ensure you keep the area that’s being waxed clean. When you wax your skin, it’s more prone to infection. Keep the area well-cleaned, and you won’t have to worry about an infection occurring.

Keep the area well-moisturized as well. Well-moisturized skin and hair are healthy and the wax won’t stick as much to the skin, causing irritation. It’ll peel off perfectly without error.

Do be sure that you don’t moisturize the day of the wax, however. If your skin and hair are too moisturized, then the wax won’t be able to remove the hair from the skin.

4. Plan Accordingly for the Wax

Be sure to plan your wax appointment accordingly. You’ll want to choose a date when you’re feeling well and your skin isn’t overly sensitive or irritated. And broken skin in the waxing area or inflammation should be healed before your appointment.

You should also take into consideration that your skin may be a bit inflamed or red after receiving your wax. This is normal, especially for those with sensitive skin. If you have plans for a special day and the reason why you’re getting the wax, then plan the appointment accordingly.

You should have the wax done a few days before the special event to allow ample time for any inflammation to die down.

5. Get All of Your Answers From the Esthetician

It’s always a great idea to speak with the esthetician who’ll be completing your wax before you go to your appointment. Ask the esthetician if he or she can take a few moments to have a conversation with you about the appointment ahead of time.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the appointment. The esthetician will be able to give you a few tips about how to prepare for the wax and how to care for your skin after the wax.

If you have any concerns, then be sure to write everything down so you remember what to ask.

6. Have a Post-Wax Plan Ready

A post-wax plan is essential. You want to care for your skin before and after the wax for the best results. There are a few things you shouldn’t do after getting your hair waxed, such as swimming or going to the gym. Be sure to know all of the don’ts, so that you don’t cause unnecessary irritation.

Be sure to drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and keep the skin cleaned as well.

Keep These Waxing Tips in Your Back Pocket!

When you’re ready to schedule your next waxing appointment, be sure to have this guide with all of these waxing tips handy. Be sure to follow these tips and remember not to hesitate to ask your esthetician everything and anything you need to know before the big day!

Are you ready to schedule your next wax appointment?